Video: Lil Wayne Announces New Sports Show “The Sports Rap” With Rob Parker & Jalen Rose

Posted on December 24th, 2011

Everyone knows when Lil Wayne isn’t in the studio recording or outside on his skateboard, that he is in front of a television getting his daily dose of sports. Weezy has been on numerous sports shows such as 1st & 10 with Skip Bayless, to show off his knowledge of several popular sports. During his incarceration, Weezy would blog his sports thoughts every now and then which leads him to his own personal sports show which is above.

Lil Wayne will be airing his show “Weezy’s Corner” every Saturday where he will discuss how he feels about different topics and situations going on in todays sports world. In addition to his personal sports show, Lil Wayne also reveals that he will be involved in a “real” sports show which will include himself, Rob Parker and the Fab 5 member Jalen Rose. No additional information on the show was given at the time but be sure to check back for updates on the show and when it will be on a network near you.

For the other six videos from Weezy Sports Corner, slide over to Derrick G’s spot, he’s got it all covered.

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