EXCLUSIVE: KarenCivil.com Interviews R&B Recording Artist Brandy

Posted on September 23rd, 2011

Just on the heels of her recent news of signing with RCA/Sony Music Entertainment, R&B Diva, Brandy, is on the move making big moves. She will be staring in the upcoming show, Majors & Minors, which will follow 16 young performers who will have the chance to work with celebrity mentors, and with a voice like Brandys, who’s a better mentor to have? There’s no questioning her crazy work ethic, as she is on a mission to reclaim whats hers. KarenCivil.com, was recently given the chance to interview the songstress about her upcoming TV project, as well as getting details about her next studio album and other expected ventures. Click below to read our interview with Ms. Norwood  before Majors & Minors premiers tonight @ 8PM on The Hub.

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@robo3k: Can you give us a little bit more in-depth on what we can expect (from the album)?

Brandy: Well, it’s a little hard to explain creativity. But I think the best two words to describe what I’m going for is futuristic R&B. I want to do R&B music differently than the way it is been done in the past and the way it is being done now. And I think it’s my responsibility, as an artist, to try to take risks in that lane and to stay true to my roots. But challenge it in a way where people can feel like it’s something new but not too new where they can’t relate to it.

@robo3k: you have always came to the forefront and never failed to bring something new to the table, something exciting. For your album, how exactly will it differ from what we hear today on the radio?

Brandy: Again, that’s kind of hard to explain. I just–I really, I really don’t know how to explain it. I can just say that it’s not going to come out until its right. And it’s not going to come out until it feels right to me, until it feels right to my team and some of my closest friends. I’m putting everything I have into this project because I feel like it’s a chance of a lifetime to really take music to a different place in the R&B lane.

And I just think people just want to hear real music and they want to hear music that is not just real but different than what they hear on the radio. And I think that’s a part of my responsibility and that’s what I’m going to dedicate myself to. I’m sorry I’m not able to explain like in terms of melody and notes and harmonies. It’s better if I showed you.

@robo3k: Can we possibly expect another reality show maybe documenting the journey along the way?

Brandy: Absolutely. That is definitely in the works to do a docu-something around the album process because I think some of the fans they want to see that. And it’s all for them. So I want to give them what they want. So I would love for them to see some of the emotions that go behind creating an album, the frustration, the happiness, the sadness, the character that you have to become to express a song, to deliver a song. So I would love for them to see that. And plus, they feel like they’ve taken the journey with you. So I think that’s a great idea.

@robo3k: They said on the acting side, and I know Majors and Minors is one, on the acting side, do you have any big movie or television roles in the near future?

Brandy: I do. I have been working on that right now. I can’t reveal because you know certain bills aren’t worked out all the way yet. I’m definitely on the path to coming back to television full time and to do movies along with my music full time. So, let the fan know that I’m definitely inspired and I’m ready to truly, truly get back to work and do what I love to do all the time. So, yes.

@robo3k: The Drop Dead Diva project, can you let us know how it was working on that?

Brandy: It was an amazing experience. That was my first acting experience in a very, very long time and it was such a safe place to be able to come out as an actress again. It was so safely though. The cast was great. The character was amazing–just, I could totally relate to her in terms of being a single mom, being caring, loving, and about her business. And I loved her. She had an innocence about her and I just loved the character a lot. And I got a chance to do three episodes on Drop Dead Diva and hopefully I can be back Season 4 there to finish out my story and to see what happens with J. Parker and Elisa and see what happens from there. So, absolutely a great experience.

@robo3k: Okay and if there was a music era that you would love to re-live, love to re-visit, what era would that be?

Brandy: That is so funny you asked that question. I was telling someone this the other day, I would love to be in that Diana Ross era. I don’t know, I just want to see what that feels like. You know, the Ray Charles, that whole–that music, it was just amazing. I would love to sing that type of music. I really would. And wear all the wigs and the hair and the makeup and dresses. That would just be amazing. I would love that.

Be sure to catch Majors & Minors premiering this evening at 8PM EST/5PM PT on The Hub. A big thanks to Keri Dizney of BWR for the opportunity. Audio can be downloaded HERE.

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