Jon Connor – “Another Again Freestyle”

Posted on March 11th, 2011


This guy Jon Connor can rap. No bullsh*t. Since getting up on buddy’s music last year, I can honestly say that I have been impressed for the most part. It’s a damn shame I won’t be able to get to see him perform next week at SXSW. Michigan’s own is already apart of several showcases down there and from what I hear his live show isn’t bad at all.

Connor recorded a freestyle over John Legend’sAnother Again” and sent it to DJ Quiz to be used for his SXSW/Cornerstone mixtape. Seeing as how I’m a fan of lyrics and reading them while the song is playing (don’t ask), take these on. Once he really gets a feel for the beat and becomes comfortable, that’s when the show really gets started.

I’m on my job like I’m trying to get that promotion
I do this for the MC’s who never got that promotion
Causing commotion make hits till my knuckles swollen
‘Til my fingers is broken nigga picture me rolling
Sweetie I am a star let’s get lost in the constellations
I tell ’em that talk is cheap and he all about conversation
look we trying to win we dont settle for nominations
Now I’m getting blow jobs like I filled out a application
Good at her occupation, yall a abomination
Shit, this is a war yall gon feel like I bombed the nation

Look for Jon Connor in this month’s Straight Stuntin’ magazine in their “Potential Threat” section and Hip Hop Weekly’s “Next To Blow.”

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