Lil’ Kim Selling 113K Mixtapes In Only 28 Hours? We Say Too Much Anesthesia!

Posted on February 16th, 2011

Yesterday, Lil’ Kim released her highly anticipated mixtape Black Friday, for a small price of $9.99. In no more than 28 hours, Kim had posted via her Twitter that she already sold 113K mixtapes and was the top seller on PayPal. Wait, what? I took it upon myself to look further into this matter, because as a PayPal user, somethings just weren’t adding up. While on the phone with multiple representatives, I live tweeted the conversation as it was happening.

Due to the fact that the mixtape was not sold through eBay, eBay reps were unable to assist in the situation. We learned that there is no such thing as being a top seller because information isn’t track in such a way, and that your account must be opened for a certain amount of time in order to receive such a high amount. Further more, if Kim actually made $1,128,870, her amount would’ve been shut down for suspicions of fraud. Also, her bit.ly link has only been clicked 24K+/- times, so… 113K sold? Slow down on the anesthesia and medical cocktails, Kimberly. Biggie didn’t teach you this.


  • Colton

    PayPal doesn’t have a limit, and you could buy the mixtapes off her website. That’s how I bought mine.

  • Ryan

    I bought it, and Im sure many other people did


    thats funny how only 2 kim fans commented lmaoo

    i give it 10,000 ; and thats pushing it, souljia boy didnt even do good & even though he sucks he sells, so her selling 100,00 is VERY UNLIKELY.

  • Blooclues

    why would u even buy a mixtape? i thought mixtape was a free gift for the fans? hungry as bitch!

  • Guy

    i own it also. it is alright

  • AfghanAnt

    Lol @Guy why you lying? She aint even mail the album out yet.

  • Burrandon

    WOW.. i think this is soo dumb!! WHO THE FUCK LIES about some sales? this bitch REALLY has nothing to do with her life. Like she just needs to get ah tent and follow Nicki around on tour aha.
    #teamnicki thats fah shoooooo. <3

  • Burrandon

    dussssty ass broad !!

  • lol.. funny thing is she doesnt need the fake hype. she is the queen b for crying out loud.. sigh!

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