Pusha T Speaks On Future Of Clipse, Solo Album & More

Posted on September 22nd, 2010

Pusha T has been one of the most talked about artists in recent weeks with his official signing to G.O.O.D. and his feature on Kanye’s confessional comeback anthem “Runaway.” After some brief technical difficulties, the braided half of the Clipse and I had a brief conversation and spoke about:

– If his signing to G.O.O.D. is a solo situation or if it includes he and his brotherAs we speak right now, it’s a solo situation. We’ve been in talks about including the Clipse album as well.

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– How Malice feels about his decision to pursue a solo career – We’re still making music. He’s actually working on a book and a film right now, so his “down time” isn’t so down. It’s something we’ve always discussed just with having the whole Re-Up Gang situation. We were just like we need to expand on the brand as much as  possible. If that means putting out a Clipse album, a Re-Up Gang album, a solo album , anything that just makes the brand grow.

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– An update on his Fear Of God mixtape – I don’t have the features, so I don’t really want to say just yet. It’s just about being the first solo perspective of myself and seeing me in that light. Of course, it will always be street and lyric driven Hip-Hop. I think the dichotomy of the Clipse is one of those things where Malice is more of the thinker and the introspective one and I’m usually known as the wordplay one or the one who is a bit more brash. When we attack records, he usually takes that part and I usually take the wordplay aspect. But it’s not that I don’t think or I’m not introspective or have a conscious side to me. So I think you’re going to see all of those sides of me on the mixtape.

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– An update on his G.O.O.D. debut album and who he plans on working with – I’m on my way to Miami this week. I’m on my way to Atlanta next week to go sit down with Bangladesh.  I’m on my way to go see Pharrell. I’ve got a few joints from Kanye already. I’m treating every record as album worthy or classic album worthy. We’ll take that and dice up and see where everything lands. I’m definitely working towards an album.

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– His thoughts on the KiD CuDi/Wale situation and if he feels torn – I don’t find myself in the middle of it at all. I did speak to Wale because he is a friend of mine. He actually mentioned it ot me and we just had a brief talk. It was basically just keep making your music and whatever happens happens. I told him I wouldn’t really hop on that. They’re both talented and both have their fans. However this thing spawned, who knows? I’ve seen them together at times, so I don’t really know how serious it is. I do know they’re both really talented. We spoke about it and the end result was keep making music.

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– If his VMA performance is an indication if his fashion style will change – Yeah. I just think you have to clean up sometimes. I try to be fashion forward with whatever’s going on. The VMA’s was a big platform and the scene was sophisticated – I mean there were ballerinas on stage. Sometimes you have to clean up and I feel it was a pretty good look.

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If he will be seen in suits more often now - The whole Rosewood movement is something I’m down with and I actually like it. When it calls for that, I definitely will be in a suit. I’ve been spotted out in suits lately, amongst the crew. Suits ain’t really new to me. I was in suits in Hell Hath No Fury for my album packaging. My first video I ever did was in suit. It’s called “Funeral.” It is what it is. I’m definitely down though.

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On Drake’s Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour We’re actually not doing that any longer. I’m going to be fully focused on these solo efforts. No Drake tour. A few spot dates, we’ll be in a city near you soon. But yeah, no more Drake tour.

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His thoughts on Cam’ron & Jim Jones version of “Runaway”I haven’t heard it. Is it good?

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