Rumor Mill: ASAP Rocky Arrested in New York City – Charged for Attempted Robbery

Posted on July 20th, 2012

Photos and scarce reports have just surface of ASAP Rocky being arrested moments ago in New York City. No word on what the official reason behind the arrest is, but sources are saying it was due to a scuffle. News is coming in as the night goes on, and we will update when more information is received. Hit the jump to view another image of the arrest and any updates.

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that ASAP was indeed taken into NYPD custody for an apparent brawl with two amateur photographers. Rocky was seen getting into a verbal dispute with a NY citizen, and the two photographers ran up to the scene to take pictures of the situation. Shortly after, ASAP, and the other person pictured, began to physically fight the two photographers. They both suffered cuts and bruises, with one being sent to the hospital. NYPD is currently charging him with attempted robbery, with no word on what or if he was trying to steal.


26 responses to “Rumor Mill: ASAP Rocky Arrested in New York City – Charged for Attempted Robbery”

  1. Ransom says:


  2. Lbj6 says:

    Wow racial profiling. He was stealing ??

  3. Ayobeach says:

    What the fuck could asap wanna steal? Hes rich by now, anything he was going to ‘steal’ he could have bought with ease, fuck the police! Free asap!

  4. jay says:

    all he they did was get in a fight….and the “other person” is young lord

  5. PappaDee says:

    Racial profiling? Are you kidding me? You’re right, because he’s famous and dark skinned they should of just sent him home with a warning else they’d appear to be racist. (sarcasm) Most likely he was trying to steal the camera/phone the victims were using to take the photos to destroy it, not keep it. Why else would they attack someone taking pictures of them? A bad hair day? I’m curious why he wasn’t charged with assault and battery too.

    • Crazzz says:

      True though robbery is unnecessary. Battery and assault sure but I’d wait to hear the whole story or some video footage which I’m sure is out there somewhere

      • PappaDee says:

        Absolutely! All of this is conjecture at this point. I’m just amazed that people immediately jump to racism without consideration of what was reported. Although I’m probably too gullible and tend to believe what is reported has a high level of truth. But I do agree he has talent and hope he hasn’t let anger/embarrassment get the better of him.

    • FUCK FACE says:

      fuck you

    • Jerryyy says:

      Nigga didnt want no picture taking of him why the fuck would he want to take his phone or camera nigga prob told the nigga no pic and nigga still went and carried on taking pics i dont blame asaop rocky for tht shit

  6. calvin says:

    I highly doubt he was stealing, i pray that dude dont go to jail. He is talented. All he did was get into a fight.. smh

  7. zeat says:

    why they got my baby on the floor no respect

  8. M says:

    I hope this doesnt happen again, because i seriously wanna see this group(ASAP) do well.

  9. losodabest says:

    this nigga wilding they gonna love him in jail “THEY FUCKING PRETTY FLACKO” lmao#NIGGANEED2VIBE

  10. Jay says:

    I remember when I went to his concert he said that he wasn’t a gangster and he didn’t like starting shit. I guess he proved himself wrong. 🙂

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