Fashion: Karen Civil x GoodWood NYC Bracelets

Posted on July 11th, 2011

What’s been in the making for a minute now has finally come to fruition. Thanks to the amazing folks at GoodWood NYC, my first collaborative bracelet is now a reality. With the colors white, pink and black symbolizing what I like to believe is a “civil life,” the piece features two of my logos as well as a “Live Civil” charm.

— For those interested in obtaining these special and limited edition pieces, leave a comment with your name, e-mail address, which piece you’d like and why you think you’re living the civil life.

I cannot begin to thank each and every person who has support myself and the site over the years and hope everyone continues to do so. Thank you again and I cannot leave without saying thank you once more to the people at GoodWood for bestowing me with my own bracelet.


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  1. Nehemiah says:

    I wrote this 4 yrs ago & I live by it!

    Aphorism: Manifest your reality through your verbal confirmation & actions. Regardless of the situation always be an evidence of LOVE!

    No matter how someone treats me I show them LOVE! Thats why I’m why I know I’m living the civil life. Also, I handle my business & I do it in stilettos!

  2. Nehemiah says:

    I wrote this 4 yrs ago & I live by it!

    Aphorism: Manifest your reality through your verbal confirmation & actions. Regardless of the situation always be an evidence of LOVE!

    No matter how someone treats me I show them LOVE! That’s why I know I’m living the civil life. Also, I handle my business & I do it in stilettos!

  3. Josh O. says:

    Hey Karen,

    I would love to get these bracelets for my mom! She is a wonderful, caring woman who has helped me get through a lot of difficulties in my life. I believe that living the “civil life” can include a tough balance of family, work, and pleasure. My mother perfectly represents such a life! She works hard to provide my brother and I with nice things while always finding time to teach us valuable lessons on what it means to be an adult. I admire her ability to work hard, be a family woman and still find time for herself. My mom’s birthday is coming up (July 18) and she would love such a symbolic gift that was in part created by an amazing hip hop blogger! She loves the music and the people that help spread its messages.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work Ms. Civil!

    – Josh O.

  4. The piece I would like will be the black which symbolizes why Karen Civile likes to live a “civil life” with a live Civil charm. And why im living a Civil life is that im respecting my mom and dad and the kids. And respecting others and for the elders i live around and respecting the earth. And giving back to the poor and being humble and nice and kind and sweet to the society I live within and not being involved against peoples drama but do it in a Civil way.

  5. Tyrone says:

    Hey Karen,

    It’s Tyrone. I would like a black one. I’m living the Civil
    Life because I visit your site…lol. Also because I am laid back
    and drama/sucker free. As i told you before my email is
    [email protected]. Ohhh just an idea, you should also
    try to design beaded necklaces. That’s a strong trend in NYC,
    especially amongst young people.


  6. Cortez says:

    The reason why i’m think i’m living the civil life…hmmm, i think i’m living
    the civil life because the things that i have dedicated myself of doing are
    positive. I always try to keep a positive mind state even when the odds
    are against me. Civil life to me, is living with determination, heart & love,
    which are the 3 things that i live by, & that’s keeps me going, alone with
    faith & god.

    -I would like the black piece.

  7. Camélia says:

    Hey it’s Kmeeelya !
    I really one of those bracelets, especially the pink one because it’s one of your favorite colour and so that would be another Civil accessory i, my Civil life lol. And yeah i think i live the civil life because i’m the only one rockin that Karen Civil shirt over here in Paris. I’m spreading the movement to the maximum and i’m absolutely against drama and sucker.
    So i think i adopted the lifestyle. 🙂


  8. Shakira says:

    As 20 year old East cost representer, I try to live a civil and cool lifestyle. How am I doing this? By enjoying what life has to offer me. Being a student at NC A&T SU, has opened my eyes to find out who I am as a person. God, my mother, knowledge, $$, 7 bffs, Hip Hop, bows, sneakers, and my iPhone delight me. By taking the advice of King Yeezy, ” I keep my nose out the sky, my heart to God, and my face to the raising sun.”

    Congratulations on your bracelets!
    The pieces that I enjoy the most are the pink and black bracelets.

    *Heiress Kira.

  9. Amanda says:

    Congrats Karen!!!!

    That white bracelet is to die for! I would love that one 😉 I totally live the civil life. Living the civil life has taught me to be a better person and staying on my shit. You’re always doing the unexpected here on this site and that totally inspires me. Don’t ever stop. I’m one of your many supporters.

    hope i get one :)-Amanda

  10. brianna says:

    These are dope! To get any of them would be fantastico.. but I would choose the pink or black one. I’m livin the civil life cause your site is in my fav 5 🙂

  11. Maestro says:

    I live the civil life. I’m civilized enough to ask for a link so I can buy one. I’ll take a free black one tho. Even if I can’t get one, congratulations on the collaboration. Full blown fashion line coming soon?

  12. Paige says:

    Hello Karen!

    I believe I am living the civil life because I am a peaceful person. I’m chill, I keep to myself, I’m an easygoing gal. I define civility.

    Aaaand, I would like the pink bracelet. Living civil is the only way to live.

  13. Joe says:

    I would love either the black or white one.
    I live the Civil life! In the morning I check your site and before I go to bed just to stay updated! Your site is the best one by far!!

    -Joe T.

  14. Gregory Boxe says:

    I live the civil life for the simple fact i live off the civil blog. I check every post and trust your ears like my personnel audio engineers, there hasn’t been a song you co- signed that i didnt like (fingers crossed).
    Besides from that i am huge music fan just like you and there’s nothing more civil than good music.
    Thanks G

  15. Demonte says:

    I am living the “civil life” because…everyday is a challenge of determination, faith, and dedication. And for that to be accomplished, you have to live “civil.” Showing weakness is not a option, and being able to live your life by approaching obstacles the correct way, the civil way, is the best way to do things. I am a fan of your blog, and I visit daily..

    I would like the black piece.

  16. Brittany says:

    Dear Karen,
    I’m living the civil life! Life is simply too short to be uncivilized. I’m open to any ideas, whether it has to do with music or anything in my life. Drama isn’t welcomed and staying positive is everything. In terms of your website, which I love, I can’t get enough of it and I check it everyday. Everyone always asks what I wanna be when I grow up and always answer “Well, have you heard of Karen Civil?” … You’re an inspiration, Thank you for that and I would be ecstatic if you sent me a bracelet! (preferably pink)
    Thanks again 🙂
    – Brittany

  17. Kaitlin says:

    Karen, I would looove the pink ‘live civil’ bracelet. I have much respect for you and your movement of living civil. I embrace living civil through music, it’s what keeps me going. Music is the one thing that all human beings can relate to and is a universal language; without it we would be lost in incivility. Big props to you and your success; the world could use more civil people like you.



  18. Hawa says:

    Hi! The black or white one are so pretty.

    I’m living the CIVIL LIFE because I don’t allow my value to be measured by what women are told is the most important thing – physical appearance. I mute out all the negativity about LOOK LIKE THIS, BIGGER BREASTS, SMALLER THAT. I’m driven to find my passion, succeed, and expand on my knowledge; I mean, I still look cute while doing it, but I’ve got my priorities straight.

  19. iKeish says:

    Hi Karen!

    I AM the CIVIL LIFE!

    I have my own music blog am a full time student and mother. I do the best I can on my website not to confuse entertainment with true hip hop and sometimes the lines get a little blurry, but I do not subscribe to the rumor mill at all I try to keep it at a minimum and very diplomatic. I come to your site daily! Follow you on Twitter! And just all around adore you, and the way you have become an icon for me as well as a countless amount of others. I respect your taste in music. The staff that you have chosen is wonderful. I look up to you, and one day I hope to get at least close to the strides that you have made!

    I would probably jump for joy and get stuck in the air if you sent me one of your new bracelets, I love pink so that would be awesome.

    Please, please, please, keep up the good work, without your constant smile I’d probably have quit “blogging” about hip hop long ago.

    Thanks again.

  20. Natasha Telfair says:

    I am living the civil life because I’m going through a divorce amd I’m not being a bitch our a baby mama …he may have cheated and had kids on me but his lost I’m destined for much better! I have opened my salon wilk have my Bachelors in Business in a year and know my worth he didn’t break me all of the bull he took me through for the past 16 years had made me…his lost not man! On to the Glamorous.life

  21. Hey Karen,

    I love the “black” GoodWood collaboration. I feel as though I live the Civil Life because I built everything from the ground up just like you. I was the first member out of my family to attend college and graduate from a university. I saw what I wanted and I went after it. Now I’m 22 looking to build my brand in Detroit, Michigan. The sky is the limit and my goal is help move my parents back from Louisiana. My parents did the most civil thing I’ve ever seen and moved down to New Orleans in ’06 to help Hurricane Katrina victims and haven’t been back since.

  22. So what is the Civil Life?

    I feel the Civil Life is understanding the fundamentals of reaching the goals you set for yourself, achieving greatness through diligence, and owning your destiny. Instead of living a life of, what the world would consider a “normal lifestyle”, we choose to stand by our own methods and principles to garner success through channels that most people overlook. The Civil Life is a balance between the world we live in and the choices we make for ourselves.

    “He who knows how will always work, for he who knows why.”
    -David Lee Roth

    Creating ideas that would make the common man cringe at the thought, are the ideas that make up what it means to live The Civil Life. Success is a peacemaker, and through constant motivation, a positive outlook, and a keen sense of self-worth, the Civil Life is created.

  23. I would love this Bracelet for my wife,
    I met my wife while we were both serving in Iraq, i though she was strong then but she has surpassed my exceptations. My wife has left the military and given me 4 beautiful children, She has held our family together while I have left to Iraq multiple times. Just last year my daughter had a transplant while I was in Iraq, my wife lived in a hotel for 9 months while she cared for our 3 kids and made daily visits to the hospital… she is the strongest woman I know, I wish i could give her the world, I know she follows u on twitter and I though this would be a nice gift… thank u for consedering her.. i have attached a link, the local news dd a story on my daughters transplant and me being in iraq…. thank you once again..

  24. Jeff Mccallum says:

    Hey Karen,
    I live the civil life by walking around to the civil playist which is the playlist on my itunes which contains every karencivil.com Exclusize track you’ve posted over the last year. i listen to it daily as i go about my day and its defiantly my favorite playlist.
    Thanks for the dope blog
    (black please)

  25. Javvi Reez says:

    Just 15 years old with many dreams and many hopes, Im living the civil life cause I strive to be the best and always will , I hope to be a Visual Artist one day and to also inspire other people as I progress on my path of life, many people inspire me, and Karen you are one of them 🙂 so with that being said I hope I win , and the black version is what Im aiming at.


  26. Ayo Omolewa says:

    also wrote this on fb but..
    I’m Living a civil life, by 1. remembering where i came from, and the sacrifices my parents made, and using that in my everyday life, and 2. staring a clothing line called Simple Originality, to help better my Lifestyle and my Family so we wont have to go through as many hardships as ive seen my parents go through.
    (black if i win please) 🙂

  27. Isabelle says:

    Name: Isabelle Ofume
    Email: [email protected]
    Bracelets: Black or White

    How do I live a civil life?

    Well, with maintaining a civil life you must be content with yourself, both internally and externally. With the environment and with your that are dear to you. I respect the people I see by sharing amongst them, helping without being asked too, and being polite. Remaining civilized in an environment where people are constantly put down you have to be that person to stand them up. Spread inspiration. Smile. Encourage.

    “Living a civilized life is being able to capture not just what the society wants but what it is.” – I.O

  28. Katrina Jones says:

    I believe that I am living a civil life dependent upon me being a single mother to a beautiful daughter, having to be that leader for her upbringing.

  29. Lamar says:

    Whats good Karen,

    Nice bracelets. If possible I would like to rock a black one. Black is my favorite color because it represents so much. I would say I’m living the civil life because living any other way would be beast like.
    And I am far from that. My e-mail is [email protected]. I would love to hear from you. Keep up the good work. One love.

  30. Marcus M. says:

    whats going on KC?

    Im very interested in the bracelets you have, I feel its a staple in the urban fashion society and living in West Hartford CT makes it difficult to find and tap into the flyer items that a company like yours has to offer, I would like the Black bracelet for myself and the pink one for my girlfriend.. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks for all you have done and continue to do,

    Best regards Marcus MIller

  31. Linc says:

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    I think I live the civil life because I’m an artist and I share my life experiences and opinions through music. And music is one of the best ways to get your voice heard. I believe the better connections we make with others, the better the understanding we can have of each other and sooner or later start to respect where we come from and where we want to go. I also want to support this movement, and black would be a nice color to use as a representative, since black is a rebellious color and to go on with a movement, we sometimes have to move against.

  32. Domo says:

    Email:[email protected]

    I believe I’m living the civil life because no matter what the situation is I don’t rely on violence to solve a problem. I am also helping my friend become a comedian starting on youtube. Through youtube we are able to make people smile and laugh all the time no matter what they have been going through. We believe that laughter brings everyone together since two people normally don’t feel the same joy for things whereas laughter lets them connect as one person instead of two people fighting each other.

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