T.I. Will Teach ‘Business Of Trap Music’ Course At Clark Atlanta Univ. This Fall

Posted on June 24th, 2020
Staff Editor

T.I. will be spreading some wisdom on business and trap music to students at the private HBCU, Clark Atlanta in August 2020. The rapper will be teaming up with Dr. Melva K. Williams to teach the course that was given the title, “Business of Trap Music.” Mrs. Williams is the co-founder of Higher Education Leadership Foundation (H.E.L.F.) and is the Vice-Chancellor of Southern University Shreveport and New Orleans.

The university’s President George T. French Jr. announced the school’s partnership with T.I. on yesterday (June 23). 

“In higher education, it is important that we challenge, empower and equip our students with the proper resources to excel,” French stated in a press release. “I believe the best way to do this is to understand their culture and create life-long experiences that will not only motivate our scholars but present them with opportunities to help them become globally competitive.”

As for T.I., he says that he is excited to be partnering with Clark Atlanta. “I applaud their innovative approach to ensuring their students are educated beyond the traditional textbook curriculum,” he stated. “I am honored to lend my voice and unique experiences to the betterment of today’s young people and to do my part to lift the legacy of historical black colleges and universities across the nation.”

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