Detroit’s Kash Doll & Icewear Vezzo Giveback 2,000 Turkeys To Hometown For Thanksgiving

Posted on November 27th, 2019
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It’s the best time of the year, the holidays are here and families are brought together in appreciation for one another. Detroit rappers Icewear Vezzo and Kash Doll helped give out 2,000 turkeys, produce, milk, and other grocery items this past Sunday (Nov. 24). Other volunteers for the event included Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and former NBA star Al Harrington. 

The food drive was held at Downtown Detroit’s Hart Plaza, known as “Heartsgiving.” Due to partnership with Vezzo’s Detroit Rappers Organization, a community outreach held by his mother, and Harrington’s cannabis company Viola, a successful drive and entertainment event was able to take place in the heart of Detroit for its Detroiters. The volunteers of Viola passed out warm black and purple hats as well as carrying bags that represented their organization. Volunteers and participants of the event could enjoy a few hours of entertainment while staying warm, and have a bag to carry their items in. 

Image Via Ariel Whitely

The giveback surely presented a good time for the community, providing sounds by Detroit’s DJ BJ that everyone could listen and dance to. A photo booth was put on display to capture the festivities, placed inside a huge tent where music and the dance floor was held. It’s cold in the city of Detroit, especially Downtown near the water, so thankfully there were fire pits and outdoor heaters put in place for the chilly temperature. 

Image Via Ariel Whitely

A couple months back in September, Vezzo and his Detroit Rappers Organization held a shoe drive and healthy food drive as a back-to-school giveaway for the community of Detroit. Thanks to donations and volunteers, hundreds of new shoes were spread across tables and available in every size just in time for kids to return to school. 

Kash Doll has paid her respect previously as well as she surprised hundreds of expecting mothers at a local baby shower, giving them kind words and performing her hit single “Ice Me Out.” Kash has also given her hometown high school prom giveaways and paid the tuition of multiple young women to attend phlebotomy school back in 2018. Community service is being shown throughout the city of Detroit, hopefully fans will start to follow suit with the respect being shown by Vezzo and Kash Doll. 

Feature Image Via Bre’Ann White

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