Posted on November 12th, 2019
Denver Lark

KarenCivil.com staff caught up with one of Roc Nation’s newest signees, Nicole Bus. Ms. Bus, a native of the Netherlands has bursted onto the scene with numerous accomplishments just this year! Some include being regarded by Forbes as an “out-of-this-world vocalist, signing to Roc Nation, and being nominated for Soul Train’s “Best New Artist” Award shortly after releasing her debut album, KAIROS.

I read your bio and I saw that growing up, you listened to artists like Sade, and Bob Marley. Would you consider those artist as influences or are there other artists that you consider an influence?

Well I think, the two artists that you just named are of very big influences of my music choice and flavors, Lauryn Hill as well. But I’ve definitely believed that the gospel music that was played back at home together with Sade, and Bob Marley has been the two fundamentals of what I’m doing right now.

While we’re talking about international things when it comes to fame and in climbing the charts, and making certain accomplishments, was it ever a goal of yours to become, an international celebrity or an American celebrity or have you seen that reaching fame for artists in America has really become a big thing?

Oh yes, definitely. I feel like here in The Netherlands and maybe even in other places of Europe, I think, the United States and especially the music has influenced the music follow around the world. I mean, the reason why we know hip hop and R&B and soul music and Buspar the list goes on and on is because it came from America. And I feel that in the United States there’s a deeper way of appreciation when it comes to music I feel sometimes in certain genres not all genres, but I feel when it comes to R&B, soul music, and hip hop, you guys, go hard or go home. That’s what I feel with them, the American public and, and I definitely, feel like that was always a goal for me to reach out to this public and see if they would feel the same way about my music.

-Would you say that the Netherlands or just Europe in general, or your hometown, because I know you are from a small village outside of Amsterdam have any impact on your particular sound?

No, No. Maybe the directness sometimes that which I can come off with, which is definitely within our culture, we’re cultural. So I definitely think that directly I can use and lyrics, definitely comes from the culture. But music wise the only influences that really marinated my music is American music.

I did read that you have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Many of your accomplishments take artists a very long time. You recently were nominated for Soul Train’s, Best New Artist Award, congratulations on that! Keeping our fingers crossed, and of course Forbes regarding you as an “out-of-this-world vocalist.” You’re also making tremendous jumps on the Billboards Adult R&B chart, and then of course the Roc Nation deal. How does all that feel? Have, or did you ever think or believe that you would accomplish so much?

Well, I always dreamed it. I always had hope and I feel like hope is the seed for our faith.. But I feel like if you have a seed of faith and a seed of hope, you can reach anything you want. So even if it’s not feasible yet, but that doesn’t leave out that when the manifestation is there, you’re just bamboozled I don’t know if that’s the right word, you know? Yes. You’re, you’re totally blown away by, Oh my God. If I have, if I would have known this secret, I would have practiced it even earlier on in my life, so, yeah.

-Working with producers like Needlz and, co-producing your debut album. And you also write, produce, and of course you sing. Do you have any plans to produce for other artists or just anything else along that nature?

Oh, I would love to. I, I think you know, especially because I’ve played different types of instruments and I produce, I’ll feel like I, I can definitely sit with other artists and listen to their vision and create something beautiful together with them. So I’m most definitely open to it.

-Is there a different process for Nicole who produces as there is for Nicole who writes and sings? Or is it all kind of similar?

I think there’s a similar wave flow. I think that the moment you are creative, the first thing that’s really important is the atmosphere in the room, and the atmosphere leads me, and sometimes it starts with a conversation, sometimes it starts with the music piece, uh, or a song of someone else. And from that starting point, you know, it can go any type of way. Enough love the freedom. I don’t like to be, pin down within a certain type of regime. Obviously the setting,  the room, the person’s you’re working with has some big influence, but there should be freedom in the creative process.

-What can fans expect from you in 2020 since the year is winding down?

Ooh. Well I hope a lot, uh, the album has just been released. It’s fresh out there, for the fans to hear and to digest to 2020. With God’s will I will be touring around the world to the States, but also Europe and my wishes to do that with the band and just blow people away. Make them feel like they are part of the song at the moment we sing it, you know, it’s just like when you are in church, there’s a unity in church when you sing a song together. And I would love for that feeling and that atmosphere to be in every live show that I share with my friends.

-How do you personally describe your sound? If you can pick three words, any three words, what would those three be?

Yeah. It’s always easier if someone else tells you what they feel here. Um, first word that came to my mind was authentic. I feel that my music is authentic, it’s raw, it’s pure. I feel like the music is, it’s what it is. So I’m not sugarcoating anything. You’re just getting to story. You’re getting me without any masks or, or covering since it’s just what it is.

-So why sign to Roc Nation? Was there anything that stood out about their brand, their mission statement or just anything in particular about them?

I love the fact I started music business, so I love the fact of this structure whereby they are an indie label. Um, but they figure and they move, with the power of a major label. And I feel, I do see that it’s a slightly changing, um, a little bit each year. But I feel still that when you are dealing with an indie label creatively they approach the process differently and because I used to work with, majors back home I feel the difference between the major and Indie is that you get a little bit more freedom. The starter (founder) of the label is Jay-Z, and if you see how he creatively approached every project and all, every business move he made, it’s very inspiring. I think every artist definitely looked at the way he did business and he evolved from, you know, working with a  label to owning one. I think that’s beautiful. So that definitely was an inspiration as well.

If you could listen to one classic R&B album from anytime, what would that album be and why?

I have to go with the feeling that I have now I would definitely choose Writings On The Wall of Destiny’s Child and the reason why it reminds me of my childhood. Like of a very fun time in my childhood without care and me discovering Destiny’s Child through my cousins in America through a cassette player. And I was just replaying “Bills, Bills, Bills” I think the single was only a release and I was just replaying “Bills, Bills, Bills” and rewinding it and it just has this nostalgic feeling to it, and then, then I would definitely take that CD. Yes.

-Do you have any, uh, dream collaboration’s as far as artists and producers?

Ooh. Um, most definitely. The ones that I want to give away for now definitely, I would love to do something with Gregory Porter, which is a jazz singer. Um, I think signed by Capitol, if I’m correct. He’s an amazing singer. I think even one of the biggest singers of our time, male singer. I love his tone, I love his story, and I love his delivery. And next to Gregory Porter, I would also definitely do something with Jacob kahler.

-What is some of the responses you have been been receiving from fans  about your debut album, KAIROS

Ooooo! Amazing! I mean people are making videos where they are playing the instruments on the songs. People are making fan art, people are singing the songs. It’s, it’s an amazing effect. Because I love the way how the album is simultaneously finding its way to, everyone’s heart, but the reaction is there to stay and, and I love that. People are really digesting it and, and saying they play the album like four or five times a day. That’s the major honor for me to hear. So it’s, it’s doing the doing beautiful.


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