Watch: She Ball Movie Trailer #2 Starring Nick Cannon, Birdman, Chris Brown, & More

Posted on October 22nd, 2019
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Media mogul Nick Cannon returns to the film industry alongside Dash Doll Melody Rae Kandil and top entertainers Chris Brown, Faizon Love, Evan Ross, Cedric The Entertainer, DC Young Fly, and Birdman. The all-star cast is set to star in “She Ball,” the first film release by Cash Money Films which is scheduled to premiere in February 2020. 

She Ball, wrote, produced, and directed by Cannon and also produced by Birdman and Chris Brown, highlights the importance of social issues such as race, gentrification, criminal justice, and women empowerment. 

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Cannon says, “Birdman and I have been talking about doing movies together for so long and it finally all came together on this project. Chris Brown who is like family to me and such a visionary is truly one of the most gifted and talented spirits to ever grace this planet! With a partnership between myself, Birdman, and Chris Brown. We took this all into our own hands.”

Melody Rae Kandil, who plays the role of a star female athlete, tells a story of the trials, tribulations, and triumph that she faces on and off the basketball court. According to Cannon, we can expect a little bit of love, laughter, sports, and drama from the film. 

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I grew up on movies like Above The Rim, Love & Basketball, and even Save the Last Dance. It has a little bit of a combination of these three movies but with its own message. It’s an action-packed movie that’s full of laughs, but at the end of the day, it’s really just a great story about human connections,” Cannon explains. 

Releasing the first drama filled trailer on Oct. 15, a second trailer has dropped by Cash Money Films and NCREDIBLE featuring what humor can be expected from the film. Take a look at the second trailer release of She Ball below. 

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