Femdot Drops Visual for Upcoming Project ’94 Camry Music’

Posted on September 24th, 2019
Staff Editor

Chicago-based rapper Femi Adigun, better known as Femdot, is considerbly looked at as one of the best storytellers to come from his city. At 23-years-old, Femdot doesn’t shy away from articulating his thoughts on difficult topics through his fearless lyrics. 

While currently on tour with Tobi Lou, the Windy City rapper has taken a break as he gets ready to deliver his upcoming project ‘94 Camry Music.’ Femdot gives fans a teaser to what they can expect from the highly anticipated project with a short title track visual. Look out for the project to drop in its entirety next month. 

Produced by Hush Forte and direction from hometown filmmaker Addison Wright, the visual can be found below. 

Femdot performed alongside Taylor Bennett on Jimmy Kimmel this past July through Bennett’s moving song “Singing the Blues,” which framed a dialogue between both individuals opposing one another. Bennett taking on the role as a young black man on the streets of Chicago and Femdot stepping into the shoes of a Trump supporter. Femdot challenges Bennett’s point of view: “And life ain’t easy for me either/I mean, to be honest/Don’t know why you have such a problem with what Donald does/My mom say he wanna make everything better for all of us.”

Watch a recent performance of the song from Jimmy Kimmel Live! Below:

With a new degree and new project on the way, the possibilities are limitless for “Chicago’s New Rap Sensation” Femdot.  

Featured Image Via Nylon

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