Andre 3000 Reportedly Working on a New Album

Posted on September 17th, 2019
Cheyenne C.

According to Los Angeles rapper Thurz Andre 3000 is working on a new album. In an interview with Real 92.3 LA’s Home Grown Radio show Thurz said while in the studio with Dr Dre, “3 Stacks” came in and played a couple songs that sound like an album to him.  The rapper did state that however what he heard seems to be e a new album, he may just be jumping to conclusions.  If his predictions are true then that would mean we are getting not only a Andre 3000 record, but it also would feature Dr Dre as well. 

This would mark Andre 3000’s first solo album to date.  Andre 3000’s latest release was in 2018 when he dropped two songs for Mother’s Day. Since then he has starred in a sci-fi drama “High Life” and wandering through different cities playing the flute.  As of now neither Dr. Dre nor Andre 3000 have yet to confirm and Andre 3000 has been spending time in Philadelphia shooting a new series so fans are skeptical to begin their excitement.  

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