DaBaby Album News Exclusively Revealed on Charlie Sloth on Apple Music’s Beats 1

Posted on September 3rd, 2019

DaBaby was the special guest on the latest episode of the Charlie Sloth Rap Show on Apple Music’s Beats 1. In the chat, DaBaby gave Charlie exclusive news about his second album – the follow up to his debut ‘Baby on Baby’ which was released earlier this year. He exclusively revealed that his next album will drop in 3-4 weeks and that he’s collaborated with Migos on one of the tracks. 


On dropping his new album in 3-4 weeks and collaborating with Migos…

Three to four weeks. I can’t wait…man. I got some mad features. Which feature we going to spill the beans on? Huh? Which feature we going to spill the beans on? That’s cool, we on Charlie Sloth. I got a song with all three of the Migos. You get what I’m saying? I got some chance to rap with. And somebody else on the same song. See, I’m done. I can’t. We going to talk. I’m going too far, man. We going to talk off camera.

On what he likes best about UK…

Oh man, probably the way people talk. Yeah, I like it. Yeah, I mean, it make me feel.

On bag drops for his fans in hotels…

I’m living out of suitcases. So a lot of times, I don’t even got a room to pat clothes, and I’m performing. I get busy, Charlie. So I’m missing shoes up on the daily, you know what I mean? I’m like, I ain’t just going to leave them in a hotel. Let me give it to somebody that’s going to mean something to them, you know what I mean? They hold on to it. This could be something special to somebody.…So I just, you know, that’s a way for me to give back to my fans…They pay plenty of money to come see me, if you look at all these people. So what it’s going to hurt me to leave a bag somewhere?

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