21 Savage donates $25K to help detained immigrants get legal representation

Posted on June 17th, 2019
Derêka K. Bennett

According to Power106, 21 Savage recently donated to a nonprofit organization to help detained immigrants get access legal counsel. This is clearly something that is important and personal for his as he has been battling his own case with ICE. Earlier this year 21 was arrested during the Super Bowl weekend after it was revealed that he was born in the U.K., and was in the states on an expired visa.

After running into ICE, the Atlanta rapper decided to donate $25K to Southern Poverty Law Center. This is also the same organization that aided him during his own detainment. Southern Poverty’s mission is to fight against hate and bigotry through seeking justice for undocumented immigrants.

Charles H. Kuck, the managing partner of Kuck Baxter LLC, made a statement saying, “Creating oppressively adverse conditions of detention, like those in Irwin County, Georgia, far away from family and legal counsel, causes despair and hopelessness, and forces these men and women to give up on their immigration claims. The SPLC, through its Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative (SIFI) stands at the front line of this fight and supporting this effort lets all Americans know that the Constitution which protects the least of us, protects all of us.”

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