Exclusive Details On YBN Almighty Jay Hospitalization After Attack & Robbery In NYC

Posted on March 10th, 2019
Staff Editor

On Friday (Mar. 8), rapper YBN Almighty Jay and his team got into a scuffle in NYC outside of a Saks Fifth Avenue with a group of men who associate with rapper LilTJay. (Graphic imagery below)

Later that night, Almighty Jay was returning to his hotel room by himself when the same group of 20 men that affiliate with LilTJay jumped him in the lobby. A video of the situation seems to illustrate the group of men verbally attacking YBN followed by assaulting him, kicking him in the head multiple times and attempting to rob him.

Following that attack, Almight Jay was hospitalized, recieving 27 stitches but none of his injuries are life threatening and he should be healing soon.

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