Solange Releases Her Highly Anticipated Album & Film, ‘When I Get Home’

Posted on March 1st, 2019
Staff Editor

After weeks of speculation and endless teasers, Solange has released her latest album, ‘When I Get Home’.

This week, Solange has revived Black History Month, with her return to social media, teasing fans with “Black Planet” video mashups and “yeehaw” inspired visuals. Earlier on Thursday, the Saint Heron singer tweeted a picture of her album’s upcoming 19-song tracklist.

Watch the When I Get Home film here.

Check out the tracklist below:

01 “Things I Imagined”
02 “5 McGregor (Interlude)”
03 “Down With The Clique”
04 “Way To The Show”
05 “Can I Hold The Mic (Interlude)”
06 “Stay Flo”
07 “Dreams”
08 “Nothing Without Intention (Interlude)”
09 “Almeda”
10 “Time (Is)”
11 “My Skin My Logo”
12 “We Deal With The Freak’n (Intermission)”
13 “Jerrod”
14 “Binz”
15 “Beltway”
16 “Exit Scott (Interlude)”
17 “Sound Of Rain”
18 “Not Screwed! (Interlude)”
19 “I’m A Witness”

Listen to ‘When I Get Home’ below:

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