Posted on February 12th, 2019
Staff Editor

DMV rapper and FADER cover artist Rico Nasty has released a nineteen- minute documentary titles Countin’ Up where she opens up about her life behind scenes, and her skyrocketing music career. The documentary will showcase Rico Nasty on tour while she balances being a performer and a single mother.

Some highlights of the documentary are Rico painfully remembering the close relationship she had with her son’s father before he passed due to an asthma attack. As a result of such trauma, Rico Nasty remains an inspiring, selfless, and ambitious artist. Throughout the documentary we meet Rico’s close circle of friends and family who include her son Cam, her make up artist Scott, her son’s father’s close friend Billy, and her manager/boyfriend Malik. In between scenes, we get a glimpse of electrifying tour moments, and an inside look into how Rico prepares for her live show, as well as a glimpse into some vulnerable moments.

Check out the documentary below.

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