Some of the Best R&B & Rap Verses (January Edition)

Posted on January 29th, 2019
Staff Editor

Bringing you something new to KarenCivil.com, we’d like to present our staff selections of the best R&B and Rap Verses for the month of January. Below are 10 of our top selections for songs and verses, along with a playlist. Check out our picks here:

Ariana Grande- “7 Rings”

With Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings” atop the Billboard Hot 100, you know we had to pick our favorite verse from her:

I got my receipts, be lookin’ like phone numbers
If it ain’t money, then wrong number
Black card is my business card
The way it be settin’ the tone for me
I don’t mean to brag, but I be like, “Put it in the bag, ” yeah
When you see them racks, they stacked up like my ass, yeah
Shoot, go from the store to the booth
Make it all back in one loop, give me the loot
Nevermind, I got the juice
Nothing but net when we shoot
Look at my neck, look at my jet
Ain’t got enough money to pay me respect
Ain’t no budget when I’m on the set
If I like it, then that’s what I get, yeah

Lil Durk- “No Auto Durk”
If you have an ear for hood music, tap into Durk’s remix of G Herbo’s “Never Scared.”
Coming into the first verse, Durk drops some heavy hitting bars:

Niggas call me Bloodas just like Tee out here (let’s get it)
Opps be calling foenem phone, say I don’t be out here (L’s)
Catch him, knock his noodles back, just don’t tweak out here
Foenem slidin’, late night huntin’, ain’t no sleep out here
2 days back to back, that’s 50 racks to be out here (on God)
Can’t have no fefe on yo block as long as Steve out here
Can’t try to slide inside a fish bowl, you got beef out here
Law keep wantin’ to get Zoo out the way, they say he a Chief out here (say he a chief out here)

Future- “Goin Dummi”
Future’s The WIZRD is at the top of the Billboard 200’s at this moment, so we had to pick our favorite song and verse from the album. But we decided to also throw the chorus in there too:

Woo, everything we do, we goin’ dummy (Yee)
Whatever I do, I hope I got that Tommy (Woo)
Just in case a nigga try to play, play, play
Yeah, every watch I own on tsunami (Every watch I own)
Chain on frost, ask Sonny (Go and ask)
Tryna pose a threat, go at your mommy
It’s okay, ‘kay (Okay)
Tell me what the lick read, we gon’ go and get it (What’s the lick?)
Real fine mixed breed, I can’t wait to hit it
I’ma put your bank account past seven digits (A midget)
Bottles on rocks, girl, everything exquisite
You deserve to cha-cha, but girl, I want my chain-chain
We got all the choppas and we got all the bling-bling
Give a nigga that na-na, you get wet up, your dream-dream
Ain’t gon’ beg for it, my Bentley came with wing-wing
Fuck with a supreme team, you will never fall off
Every day a spring bling, make you wanna call off
Got some models comin’ to the top floor at the Waldorf
Feel like new Sopranos ’cause we way above the law now

Juice Wrld- “Armed & Dangerous”
Juice Wrld is known for giving some bobs. “Armed & Dangerous” is just another one that made the cut. Tuned with Melody’s and catchy lyrics about his come-up, we present to your our fav. verse :

I’m O.C., three-gram Wood full of OG (huh)
Give BM dick like Moby (uh) gonna make him flash, Adobe (uh)
Pay up that cash, you owe me, yeah, huh bitch, I need it
Matter fact, fuck that shit, I’m rich, you can keep it
Yeah (bitch, woo, damn, yeah) damn
Rich niggas over here (they over here, huh) yeah
Broke niggas over there (they over there, uh, hoo, uh)
Why is you over here? (Why?)
Go over there (go over, uh, go over, hoo)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (go over there, what?)

J. Cole- “Middle Child”
You can’t name the best verses without listing J Cole, as he recently dropped his new single “Middle Child.” And on that first verse, he’s talking that sh*t. From making sure all his peoples are rich to talking about rap beef. Here’s are fav. verse:
I’m all in my bag, this hard as it get
I do not snort powder, I might take a sipI might hit the blunt, but I’m liable to tripI ain’t poppin’ no pill, but you do as you wish
I roll with some fiends, I love ’em to death
I got a few mil’ but not all of them richWhat good is the bread if my niggas is broke?What good is first class if my niggas can’t sit?That’s my next mission, that’s why I can’t quit
Just like LeBron, get my niggas more chips
Just put the Rollie right back on my wristThis watch came from Drizzy, he gave me a giftBack when the rap game was prayin’ I’d dissThey act like two legends cannot coexist
But I’d never beef with a nigga for nothin’
If I smoke a rapper, it’s gon’ be legit
It won’t be for clout, it won’t be for fameIt won’t be ’cause my shit ain’t sellin’ the sameIt won’t be to sell you my latest lil’ sneakersIt won’t be ’cause some nigga slid in my lane
Everything grows, it’s destined to changeI love you lil’ niggas, I’m glad that you cameI hope that you scrape every dollar you canI hope you know money won’t erase the pain
To the OGs, I’m thankin’ you nowWas watchin’ you when you was pavin’ the groundI copied your cadence, I mirrored your styleI studied the greats, I’m the greatest right now
Fuck if you feel me, you ain’t got a choiceNow I ain’t do no promo, still made all that noise
This year gon’ be different, I set my intentionsI promise to slap all that hate out your voice

Check out a few other songs and verses we picked from the R&B and Pop charts:

Ella Mai- “Shot Clock”

When that nigga pull up on me, tell that nigga back, back
Don’t you know all of these niggas wish that they could bag that?
I’m just saying, boy, you’re playing, you’re gon’ let it wind down
You got 24 seconds and it’s starting right now
Shot clock

Chris Brown- “Undecided”

No, I don’t say it often
And I probably should’ve told you I hurt this bad, I know
And I probably shouldn’t want this so bad
It’s weighing, weighing on me
Don’t wanna wake up in the mornin’
Cannot undo what we did in this bed
And I can’t get you out, so I gotta go
No, I’m not ready for, you want me all alone

Teyana Taylor- “Gonna Love Me”

Sometimes we say things that we really don’t mean
We do things in between the lines
We should do more to stand out
I’m sorry if I made you feel less than who you are
A little insecure, oh, you’s a shining star

I wanna spend my nights with you
My life with you, oh baby, babe
Please wait up for me till whenever I get home
I know that you’re all alone
Thinking ’bout what you’re gon’ do
I hope that you see it through, ooh, ooh

Melii- “HML” (feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie)

Tell me what it’s like in the night when I ain’t by your side
You could catch a vibe for some time, but she won’t do you right
Baby, won’t you come on by?
No surprise, you know I wanna change your life
Baby, I just need one night
Get a taste of paradise, things will fall in line

Chorus: Melii & A Boogie wit da Hoodie]
I know you want me to throw it back on you
I been east side, love, baby, just come through
Hit my line, hit my line
Baby, we can bump and grind, bump and grind
Hit my line, hit my line
Baby, we can bump and grind, ease your mind

Summer Walker- “Riot”

You said you can give it to me just how I, I yearn itAnd you think of roses and daisiesAnd I think of passion and fire like Hades. You say all the time, peace and quietBut for my love, I need a riot, a riotI hope you capture my driftI said I need a riotI don’t want no sinking ship

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