Civil Selects (R&B Edition): RIMON, April + Vista, Kyan, River Tiber & Cmaze

Posted on January 16th, 2019

We’re back with our first R&B Civil Selects of 2019, check out these new artists and groups and let us know what you think. Add our official Civil Selects: January Playlist here.

Artist: RIMON

Track: wherewasu

Hot Take: The Eritrean singer has become Amsterdam’s new soulful voice. She takes to her debut EP ‘bbygirl focu$’ strong and confident in not only message but tone. ‘wherewasu‘ is no different, RIMON floats over the sparse kick about needing a lover when she “needed them the most”.

Artist: April + Vista

Track: Own2

Hot Take: The DMV’s own April George and Matthew Thompson are ready to take the world by storm. The multi-instrumentalist George is actually credited on GoldLink’s ‘Palm Trees’ and lends vocals to three more songs on fellow DMV artists 2015 project. Her soulful voice coupled with Thompson’s production creates an otherworldly soundscape that marries electronic, funk and soul into their latest album, ‘You Are Here’.

Artist: Kyan

Track: Like Summer

Hot Take: UK artist and producer has been on the scene since 2014 and has made relative waves including some high profile features that have amassed him over 7 million streams on Spotify. Kyan evolves on pulsatingly plush track ‘Like Summer’ backed by ‘Nothing Beyond’. The track modulates and swells as Kyan flirts with the background vocals.

Artist: River Tiber

Track: Deep End

Hot Take: The Toronto Singer/Songwriter returns with isolated new track ‘Deep End’. The cosmic tune bubbles as River Tiber takes his voice and melds it into production. Since Tiber’s 2016 debut ‘Indigo’, his sound has evolved and taken a full experimentation leap. Keep watching.

Artist: Cmaze

Track: What Do I Mean

Hot Take: Cmaze enters his debut ‘HXNST’ into the Contemporary R&B world and with almost expert precision. Reminiscent of James Fauntleroy and Frank Ocean, Cmaze questions what he means to a lover over a light Afrobeat-esque production. Absolutely love this track.

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