DJ Mustard Responds To The Removal of Jacquees’ “Trip” Quemix: “No one steals from 10 Summers”

Posted on September 26th, 2018
Derêka K. Bennett

Fans have been upset since discovering Jacquees’ quemix to “Trip” was removed from YouTube. Ella Mai was reportedly the one to have it removed because it was receiving way too much attention, according to a post that Quees retweeted and commented on.


T-Pain, who also made a remix to one of Mai’s song that remains online, claimed that Jacquees was making money off of his remix, which is why it was removed. However, Jacquees denied the comments saying, “… No I didn’t lol hell you talm bout my brother. I put it on SoundCloud and YouTube you know my game ain’t cap I love Ella.”

But apparently that’s not the case. Ella Mai’s label boss, DJ Mustard, addressed the removal of the quemix, saying that there was money involved.

“When you monetize content you don’t own you are stealing and no one steals from 10 Summers,” he wrote on Twitter. “Ella had no say in the matter and any platform reporting any differently is spreading falsities.” See original post below.


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