BET Digital Announces Nicki Minaj Interview Special “A Night With The Queen” Hosted By Karen Civil

Posted on August 17th, 2018
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On August 17, 2018 – BET Digital sits down with hip-hop royalty Nicki Minaj, in a new four-part interview special “A NIGHT WITH THE QUEEN” that is executive produced by Karen Civil and Dez White of Orchard Operations.  On the heels of her fourth studio album, Queen, the Young Money megastar speaks candidly with media personality Karen Civil about her personal and professional life- unbarred, raw and unapologetic. Additionally, the special will also bring her group of diehards fans, the ‘Barbz,’ together with Nicki in a once-in-a-lifetime intimate meeting that will allow some of her biggest fans to ask any questions they want. “A NIGHT WITH THE QUEEN” is premiering at 9 pm ET on BET.com.

“A NIGHT WITH THE QUEEN” interview highlights of include:

Nicki Minaj on recording Queen:

“I did a lot of the recording in Miami, and then there was a little moment where I came to New York. I got a dope burst of creativity in New York, and I created in one day ‘Coco Chanel,’ ‘Miami’ and this record called ‘Regular Degular’ which is on the Target deluxe.”

Nicki Minaj on giving up on acting career:

“Even with having a tiny role you may be on set for a couple of weeks, and then you have to do promotions for it and leading up to the film you have to do fittings and stuff, so it takes a pretty long time, so I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. I realized that maybe it’s not in me like rap is in me. With rap, it’s different, no matter how long it takes I’m willing to do it. I just don’t have that same passion.”

Nicki Minaj on Queen Radio:

“People don’t know that quietly my fans, and I have been doing our own secret radio show for years. Sometimes what I would do was just call into the secret radio show that my fans would do, and we would talk, and no one would know that we did that for a year…but now we’re in the big leagues. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like addressing things really, but people talk about me all the time and lie about me. It’s not fair, and it’s not happening anymore. Now with Queen Radio, it’s just like [if] n***as got something to say, I got something to say, too.”

You can watch part one of the interview below:

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