Tobi Lou Premieres His Three Part ‘Darlin’ Loop Video Series & EP

Posted on April 29th, 2018

Imagine a world where you’re allowed to think and exist in a space completely preserving your creativity in your day-to-day mundane adult existence, thats #CivilSelects alum Tobi Lou. Still completely grounded in thought, idea and concept while illustrated in much more of a surrealist way. Take his latest EP for example, ‘Tobi Lou and the Loop’ in the video for ‘Darlin’ Tobi allows varying outcomes of the same situation play out in separate videos. ┬áCheck out the videos below and stream the new project and let us know what you think about one of Chicago’s latest exports.


Stream his ‘Loop’ project below.


Check out Tobi Lou’s video for our #CivilSelects featured tracks ‘TROOP’ featuring Smino already racking up over half a million views in 2 months.

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