Female MC to Watch: Cuban Doll speaks on her upcoming Rolling Loud performance, the Doll Movement, and changing her name to Aaliyah Keef

Posted on April 9th, 2018
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Cuban Doll aka Cuban Savage, is a 19-year-old model turned rapper, taking the industry by storm. She’s known for sharing her experiences through gritty lyrics over trap beats. In 2017, she released two mixtapes, “Cuban Link” and “Aaliyah Keef,” which features her breakout hit Bankrupt. The track currently has over 5 million views on YouTube and 2.7 million streams on SoundCloud.

Inspired by Chief Keef and Aaliyah, Cuban explains that she reveals her good and bad side in her flows.  “Aaliyah is my cute side and she a legend, and Keef is my favorite rapper,” she told Noisey. The name was so fitting that fans encouraged her to change her name from ‘Cuban Doll’ to ‘Aaliyah Keef’. She confirmed that she goes by “Cuban Savage” to separate herself from other “Dolls” in the music industry. She says, “Cuban Doll is like the sweet little doll and then Cuban Savage is on some gang sh-t.”

The Dallas native started her career by writing a song in her phone and coming out of her shell to record it. “Everybody would try to get me to rap and I was hella shy. I just grew over that and went to the studio and started recording,” she says. 

Fans can watch Cuban perform live at this year’s Rolling Loud festival alongside Cardi B, her favorite rapper Chief Keef, and Molly Brazy. The event falls on her birthday and she plans to take full advantage of her moment. “It’s going to be my time to flex. Miami is also one of my favorite cities. The vibes, the scenery, just everything. I feel like Miami loves me,” – via Billboard.

Stream Aaliyah Keef here and let us know if you’re feeling it:

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