Civil Selects (R&B Edition): Anders, Mila J, Tobi Lou & sheNice

Posted on March 16th, 2018

Breaking through this winter weather on a downbeat, new music Friday is here with a switch up. Whether its sunny, raining or windy where you are, these songs are sure to put you on a vibe. Get into these artists below, check out the latest #CivilSelects playlist and always let us know what you think.

Artist: anders

Track: Rain

Hot Take: The rising Canadian R&B artist returns with new project Twos continuing his wave of nocturnal trap emissions. “Rain” is a blend of sparse 80s synth with an R&B groove ending the project on an introspective note about making it in the game and navigating through relationships.

Artist: Mila J

Track: No Breaks

Hot Take: Newly independent Mila J finds a stride releasing a flurry of projects (five since 2017). The acoustic set “No Breaks” feels as authentic and tonal as we’ve ever heard Mila, reflecting over a love and considering if a “break” can truly be revisited.

Artist: Tobi Lou

Track: Troop (ft. Smino)

Hot Take: Not much is known about artist Tobi Lou, but his music and self-garnered buzz speaks for itself. Nestling perfectly amongst indie’s best in R&B and Rap, the Chicago artist creates a magical realm of sound with his projects (as seen from the cover art). “Troop” features breakout artist Smino, and is an ode to never losing who you truly are.

Artist: sheNice

Track: Hit & Run

Hot Take: Daughter of R&B star Tweet, sheNice takes over a new mantle of R&B with the tone and strength of her mother but with an entirely new vision. “Hit & Run”, her first official single released last fall sees her proclaim her hopes and desires for a love both real and true. Inspired by the 90s with an acoustic kick, this track is a master class in layering a la Brandy (and Tweet!). Catch the interpolation of Paula Abdul classic “Straight Up”.

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