Wale releases surprise album – “It’s Complicated”

Posted on March 13th, 2018
Bri Stubbs

Wale has been laying low since his last album “Shine,” which was released last April. Since then, he’s been quietly cooking up his new EP, It’s Complicated. The album has four songs and only features singer Jacquees on fan favorite, Black Bonnie. The poetic DMV rapper recently parted ways with Atlantic Records and has been showing more musical control ever since. He recently tweeted about RT’s on Twitter being his only promo:

Now that he’s an independent artist again, he can soar in his poetic freedom and give fans true Wale authenticity.  After his impassioned “All Star Break Up” single released on Valentine’s Day, he’s dropped a new project every fourteen days, via The Source.

In 2017, Billboard asked about his take on album sales and he says it’s all about quality and the fans.

“Quality of music and the fans. Numbers always fluctuate right now in this era with streaming and accessibility in media, and popularity. It’s all about the fans, and I hope that I can please my fans.”

‘It’s Complicated’ is now available on Itunes.

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