YG Returns With Fierce New Track ‘Suu Whoop’

Posted on February 16th, 2018
Staff Editor

If there’s one thing by now that you should know about Compton-rapper YG, it’s that he’s proud of his set. Through various hues of crimson in album colors, clothes, and cars that he showcases, along with the use of b’s instead of c’s (admittedly¬†often hilarious and creative) in songs, YG, time and time again, makes it clear that the Bloods gang is at the center of his focus and aesthetic. Through this vermillion focus, YG has released a trap-tinged new single in “Suu Whoop.”

Although the track is produced by DJ Mustard and Jordan Holt, the energetic bounce that usually characterizes Mustard and YG collaborations is mostly non-existent. In its place is a bass-heavy, slower, and heavier instrumental. Over this ominous production, YG shows his homage, endearment, and respect for the group. He spits powerfully and slowly, with venom practically seeping from every word.

Listen to YG’s “Suu Whoop” below.


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