Civil Scope: Molly Brazy

Posted on January 26th, 2018
Travis G

Molly Brazy Civil Scope

What’s the story behind your name, Molly Brazy?

Molly Brazy: When I was younger, all the cousins I grew up with were brown skin. My brother even tell people I was adopted when he would get mad at me, just because I was so bright. I was lightest out of the group. My mom use to call me White Girl Molly. The Brazy came from how I grew up and how I was living.

Is there a moment that sticks out in you life that you can say that you knew 100% that you wanted to take on a career a in Hip Hop?

Molly Brazy: Well, I wasn’t rapping for too long when I started. I happened to blow up within the same year. It wasn’t much to think about because I wasn’t really praying for things to go the way it did. I was just recording videos in my living room and putting freestyle videos on Instagram. I probably started taking it serious probably last year (2016).

Who are some artists that you cite as inspiration?

Molly Brazy: I just listen to whatever listen to Pandora [laughs]. As far as my own music, I don’t have a current artist I listen to all the time. Most of the artists that I love have died. I get my inspiration from everywhere.

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