Bobby V’s Comeback Begins With The Seductive ‘Lil Bit’

Posted on January 12th, 2018
Staff Editor

Those looking for the return of Bobby V’s silky smooth vocals will be pleasantly surprised. The 37-year-old R & B crooner has returned with a soft and sensual show of his talents with the soothing ‘Lil Bit’ featuring Snoop Dogg’s lyrical talents. On the single, Bobby’s letting a lucky woman know just how much he needs from her to be satisfied. It’s nice to see that, despite the controversy that Bobby V was embroiled in last year, of which Snoop actually joined in joking about on social media, he’s been able to recover and continue on with his career. If “Lil Bit” is any indicator, there’s no rust clogging Bobby’s gears. He’s like wine; he gets better with time.

Listen to ‘Lil Bit’ below.

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