Dreezy Names Her Top 5 Women In Hip Hop

Posted on December 7th, 2017
Travis G

Dreezy Top 5 Women In Hip Hop

Dreezy knows a thing or two about Hip Hop, which is evident due to the music she has under her belt. Having released her No Hard Feelings album in 2016, Dreezy is getting back into the mix of things and even recently released a music video for one of her newest tracks, “Spar.”

Knowing even more about being a woman in the male-dominated Hip Hop field, Dreezy is all about the ladies in her recent discussion with Fader. Dropping her top 5 list of the most influential women who have touched the genre, Dreezy explains with detail of her reasons to include artists like Eve, Lauryn Hill and more.

In what will surely get some conversations started, see if you agree and peep just who Dreezy is ranking in all 5 spots, now.

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