Civil Interview: K Camp Talks ‘Slum Lords 2’, Plans for His Rare Sound Label & More

Posted on October 25th, 2017
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Ever since 2013, K Camp has delivered hit after hit after hit. From “Money Baby,” to “Cut Her Off” to “Comfortable” and so many more, the ATLien has positioned himself as one of the most exciting and most promising artist of the new generation.

As for 2017, the reign has continued in a strong way. In fact, you could argue things have gotten even bigger and better.

This year included a 20-city headlining tour for Camp, the launching of his record label Rare Sound (and signing his first artist True Story Gee), the release of several charting tracks such as “Rockstar Crazy,” “Good Problem” and “Racks Like This,” and much more.

That said, Camp has a few more tricks up his sleeve before the year closes out. It all starts this Friday (October 27) when Camp releases his highly anticipated mixtape Slum Lords 2 and putting on for his Rare Sound squad is the goal in mind.

We caught up with K Camp prior to this weekend’s release to get a full update on everything. Check it out below and pre-order Slum Lords 2 here.

k camp sl2 2017

So your 2017 has been extremely busy and quite successful. You’ve dropped a ton of great music, headlined your own tour and officially signed your first artist to your label. Tell us how you’re feeling at the moment.

K Camp: Feel like this was overdue. It feels good to finally be able to take control of my career, but I got a lot more wins to get!

With that said, you’re not done for this year. On Friday we get your highly anticipated Slum Lords 2 mixtape. What can fans expect from K Camp this go around?

K Camp: Slum Lords 2 is for the core fans thats really in tune with this Slum sh*t. Only the real ones know exactly what this sh*t about & thats why we gave them one last project. It’s just a collective project with the gang. Few records to hold the fans over until we give the flood for real.

How different will SL2 be compared to SL1?

K Camp: SL1 was a moment. It was with a different group of artists I was working with at the time, but we moved on from that chapter and now it’s a whole new wave going on this time around. SL2 is RARE SOUND, my official imprint. True Story Gee, Musik Majorx, Bobby Kritical, DJ Genius & myself!

You’ve already dropped a track from the project titled “’97” featuring Rich The Kid, 1WayFrank and a special guest verse from your in-house producer Bobby Kritical. Any other features we can expect?

K Camp: We kept it light. I wanted the gang to mostly shine on this one, but we got Verse Simmonds, Derez Deshon, Eearz, Money Bagg Yo and Money Man.

We know there’s an official SL2 release party taking place in your city, Atlanta, on November 1st. Do you have more shows lined up after that? An SL2 tour?

K Camp: Thats the plan! Small tour supporting this project that leads into the next one & so forth.

Let’s talk about your Rare Sound team. For those who don’t know, break down the roster and what each of them bring to the table.

K Camp: Rare Sound is exactly what it sounds like. You got a lot of folks in the game that just run off with flavor daily. Trust, we know because we hear our sh*t in these new artist sound, but its all g! We’re gonna continue to flood this sh*t!

The gang is self explanatory. Bobby Kritical – the next BIG platinum-selling producer out the city. Music Majorx – the next BIG platinum-selling duo to come out of Atlanta. We have True Story Gee – the next superstar Trap/Rap influencer out the city. DJ Genius – the next DJ Khaled in the rap game. And me, K Camp the GOAT!

In addition to your project dropping this Friday, can we expect new music from anyone else in Rare Sound before 2017’s up?

K Camp: We building off what SL2 do, but Gee’s Shannon’s Boy 90% done, Genius’ 98 Jamaica 100% done. Rare 2 is 50% done. My Nnxt album is 50% done so we on they ass musically!

As someone who’s been in the game for quite some time and has achieved some things most rappers never will, what’s the next big goal for K Camp?

K Camp: Taking this shit over! Everyday the same thought runs thru my head, Anybody who eva doubted or counted me out this shit gone have to pay later! on gang!

k camp slum lords 2

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