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Posted on October 20th, 2017
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jay 305 civil tv welcome to my neighborhood

When it comes to hip-hop, the west coast is full of talent, authenticity and progression. The rappers leading the charge not only dominate their hometowns, but they have a chokehold on the entire industry. There’s something about that west coast flavor we can’t deny.

One of those new artists helping keep that sentiment true is Mr. West Side, Jay 305 born and raised in South Los Angeles. To get a more in-depth look at 305’s life and his upbringing, we hit the streets that Jay grew up on for a brand new episode of Civil TV’s “Welcome To My Neighborhood.”

We started things off by hitting the different streets and neighborhoods Jay spent time at growing up. He showed us the bus stop he used to get dropped off at as a kid, the restaurant he frequented often, and he told us a funny story of the time his mother tried to trick him to move to Florida because he was having some issues with people in his neighborhood. Long story short, that never happened.

However, Jay admits he wasn’t this big-time street dude, who was gang-banging every day. Instead, he was focused on the bigger picture. “My thing was never gang-banging,” Jay says. “I was more of a hustler about my sh*t, but keeping it gangster at all costs.”

Later in the day, we strolled past 305’s high school, Dorsey High, where he reminisced about the good ole’ days. We saw the infamous indoor pool the kids used to swim in, and we hung out on the football field under the bleachers where Jay and his boys told us some street tales of their neighborhood.

The rest of our day included a brief stop by Jerry’s Flying Fox Lounge where Jay performed back in the day, the block where he shot the “Youzza” music video, and more. Jay 305 represents Los Angeles to the fullest and although he’s been around for quite a while, his journey is truly just beginning.

Click here to watch Jay’s recent music video “Stay Dangerous”

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