10 Years Later: Kanye West’s ‘Graduation’ Is One For The History Books

Posted on September 11th, 2017
Travis G

10 Years Later: Kanye West's 'Graduation' Era Is One For The Record Books

The Graduation era.

Among the elite class of Hip Hop artists, there’s always at least one album that marks a significant and/or monumental change for the culture and the individual that created it. Whether it’s a change of sound, direction, look, or all of those things combine, the body of work fits the criteria of being a big deal, whether it’s well-received or not.

For Kanye, who has went on to prove that he’s capable and doesn’t struggle with making art that stands alone from each other, Graduation is the album that many of us can pinpoint as the shift in his artistry and fully broadcasts his potential as a superstar. Out of the 7 solo eras of music that Kanye has presented to us, it is the Graduation era that was comprised of all the right ingredients to convert fans into dedicated, loving, take no nonsense stans.

A world and time that brought about Hip Hop excellence, today marks 10 years since Mr. West had the pleasure of gifting us all with the sounds of his third studio album, a project that many can agree on being his best.

Having so much change in his life since then, here’s a highlight and a trip down memory lane of some of the best moments that the Graduation era presented to us. Furthermore, it’s a needed recognition of moments that fans of Hip Hop should never forget. Arguably at his best, relive this amazing time of music on the pages ahead. – Travis G.


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