Civil Interview: Rotimi Talks Balancing Singing and Acting, Going on Tour and More

Posted on August 11th, 2017
Staff Editor

With Jeep Music Vol.1, a new EP with a positive reception, circulating through streaming services, Rotimi is being introduced in a different way to audiences and it’s an exciting time to be the young star. Widely known as his character Dre on the stellar and very popular Starz series Power, this summer is different than the last as Rotimi is working a set of music and touring alongside the gasps and drama that take over summer Sunday television weekly.

This period for Rotimi is all about maturation. Embracing his celebrity, he is balancing his multiple talents and is showing why 50 Cent believes in him musically with a release that is without skips and places him on the radar of R&B aficionados.

In the midst of his busy summer, Rotimi shares on Jeep Music Vol. 1, touring with August Alsina, his balance of skills and more. – Shawn Grant


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