dvsn Announces ‘Morning After’ Sophomore Album

Posted on August 10th, 2017
Staff Editor

dvsn Morning After Album

OVO’s soulful and refreshing duo, dvsn, is back in action and fans of the two couldn’t be more excited about the impending music that is ready to be unleashed. Releasing their debut album, Sept. 5th, back on March of 2016, round two officially starts with a brand new era.

Taking to Instagram, the duo has officially announced their sophomore effort. Titled, Morning After, we’ve already got a small taste of what to expect with their “Don’t Choose” single.


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Holding back on the album’s actual release date, we can only expect that the new material will be coming soon. Over a year since their debut, the people are ready for the next batch of R&B pleasantries from dvsn.

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