Civil Interview: Reshonia Porter Shares on Creating Clothing Line to Honor Father Rich Porter

Posted on July 21st, 2017
Staff Editor


Having a father who is a Harlem icon can bear a gift and a curse, ask Reshonia Porter, the daughter of the famed Rich Porter. Reshonia recently launched her clothing line, Rich Strands, to honor her late dad bringing images that have not been viewed to the public into a quality apparel line that adds a positive narrative to the legacy of her father.

Growing up Reshonia saw how the persona of her father resonated with people, such as classmates looking up to his lifestyle, and his presence in hip-hop culture from idolization or a sense of connection. For the entrepreneur, her new venture will show stories of Rich Porter that many did not get to know and providing self satisfaction.

The KarenCivil.com squad recently spoke to Reshonia as she dished about her life, creating the line, her feelings to her father’s likeness being used for other’s gains and more. – Shawn Grant


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