Civil Interview: Omarion Shares on His ‘Word 4 Word’ Video and More

Posted on July 7th, 2017
Staff Editor


After nearly 20 years in music, many fans would think they know what to expect when they are receiving new releases from their favorite artists. Omarion is here to show you to always be prepared to receive something fresh when he is getting ready to provide his fans with new music. Evident in the past, the R&B mainstay is not afraid to offer his fans something new and is looking to provide a look into different cultures with his new video “Word 4 Word.”

Releasing today (July 7), “Word 4 Word” gives fans of O a dive into Japanese culture, one that is a favorite for the singer. Aiming to connect his audiences with the music, Omarion has taken a completely hands-on approach toward his new releases by making sure he is involved in every step of the way from the recording booth to the editing of his videos, which will serve as short films. With pride radiating from his voice as he sat in on an edit, this series of releases is special from Omarion as he is being able to show who he is beyond a singer, flexing his abilities as a creative and looking to inspire those who follow his music to travel and explore other cultures and source how they can connect to your own spirit.

Be sure to view his new video “Word 4 Word” below and to also continue to the next page where Omarion shares on the video, personal experiences, growing as an artist and more. – Shawn Grant


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