Civil Interview: The Cast of ‘ALL EYEZ ON ME’ Talks Preparing For The Film, Their Roles & More

Posted on June 15th, 2017
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Kat Graham (Jada Pinkett)

How was it working with Demetrius and what did you think of his role as Tupac?

Kat Graham: He killed it! He was phenomenal and I know when people watch the movie, you guys will see how amazing he was and did on his first role ever, especially playing such a legend. Working with him and being on set with him was a whole other experience as well. We got to witness Demetrius get into full on character.

How did you prepare for your role as Jada?

Kat Graham: I worked with a woman by the name of Ivana Chubbuck. We’ve been long time partners in crime. We worked together in Vampire Diaries for 8 years, from the beginning to everything in between and even after. When working on this script, we wanted to embody this amazing, powerful woman, and what to use in my life that would connect me with this story.

Did you reach out to Jada Pinkett, and was she able to give you any specific advice when it came to playing her role?

Kat Graham:  We were figuring out the shooting schedule, and moving things around. By the time I was able to connect with her, we were just finished but she was incredible supportive and thankful. I did eventually speak to her and was so trusting over the choices I was making and how I was approaching her character and this very specific time in her life. Knowing that she has so many chapters in her life and a massive career, it was very important.

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