FBI Is Reportedly Investigating Fyre Festival Creators For Fraud

Posted on May 22nd, 2017
Staff Editor

Things continue to get worse for Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland and his co-creator Ja Rule after the “luxury” festival completely failed.

Upon being hit with several lawsuits already, it’s being reported by the New York Times that the FBI has gotten involved to investigate the failed event. The NYT reports:

The endeavor has also become the focus of a criminal investigation, with federal authorities looking into possible mail, wire and securities fraud, according to a source with knowledge of the matter, who was not authorized to discuss it. The investigation is being conducted by the United States attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York and the F.B.I.; it is being overseen by a prosecutor assigned to the complex frauds and cybercrime unit.

The amount of potential victims in this situation are endless, from ticket buyers, to headlining acts, to local business owners and more. Blink 182, for example, are still having issues getting their equipment out of customs, while restaurant owner MaryAnn Rolle, who was hired to cater daily meals to the festival, is currently out $134,000 in unpaid fees, according to the NYT.

As you can see, McFarland, Ja Rule and everyone else involved in the making of Fyre Festival not only let a lot of people down, but are now facing serious repercussions for their actions.

Read the full report by the New York Times.

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