With All Odds Against Them, Rolling Loud Prevailed As The Biggest + Boldest Hip-Hop Festival Yet

Posted on May 9th, 2017
Staff Editor

Rolling Loud 2017

Wow. Just, wow.

If you attended the 2017 Rolling Loud festival, than the word “wow” is exactly what you kept saying throughout the star-studded 3-day weekend.

When you’re approaching Bayfront Park and see the beautiful scenery that is South Beach, you say “wow.” When you walk into the festival grounds and see 40,000 people of all ages, races, ethnicities, etc. having the time of their life watching their favorite artists turn up, you simply say, “wow.” When the City of Miami says Migos can’t perform on the main stage, so Rolling Loud moves them to the other stage, which causes the entire festival to sprint across Bayfront…you say, “wow.”

And yes, when you see Lil Uzi Vert climb on top of the stage and jump 20 feet into the crowd, you got it…you say “wow.”

From the moment doors opened Friday evening til they closed Sunday night, it was nothing but sheer excitement in the name of hip-hop. How about that?

The first day showed us a good mix of newer artists such as TDE’s Kembe X, Saint Jhn, Mike Will’s artist Eearz, the Bay’s own Larry June and Lil Yachty. We also got to enjoy classic sets from proven hitmakers including Curren$y, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne and A$AP Rocky.

Like most festivals, you end up picking and choosing between two artists who are performing at the same time. On the first night, fans had to choose between seeing all of A$AP’s set and the last few minutes of Wayne’s, or the first 10 minutes of Rocky, followed by the bulk of Lil Wayne’s set. Growing up on The Carter and Dedication series’, I had to go with the latter, but it wasn’t easy.

While Friday was the shortest day with the fewest performers, it certainly didn’t feel that way. Look at it as the perfect-sized appetizer before we get the full course meal.


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