Ja Rule And Fyre Festival Partners Banned From Hosting Events In Bahamas

Posted on May 2nd, 2017
Staff Editor

Ja Rule Banned Bahamas Fyre Festival

By now, you’ve heard of the storm that was caused when festival goers took to the Bahamas for what suppose to be an extravagant time filled with music and more. With many people who attended the intended Fyre Festival taking to social media to voice their frustrations and concerns, things just got extra serious for Ja Rule, Billy McFarland, and other Fyre Festival organizers.

Due to the mayhem reflecting bad on not only festival planners, but also the Bahamas, it’s being reported that the people over at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will be implementing more strict policies for future events that are looking to be held there. Furthermore, it’s also being shared that Ja Rule and other Fyre Festival partners have been banned from holding anymore events on the island.

What started off as a good idea that went left, the slightly bright side is that there’s plenty of other festivals to choose from, for those who aren’t traumatized by the unpredictable experience that took place.

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