Civil Interview: Raekwon Talks ‘The Wild,’ Having Longevity in the Game & More

Posted on April 5th, 2017
Staff Editor

In today’s climate, how do you find the creativity to continue to make music?

Raekwon: This is something that I love to do. I do it for fun. I’m just one of those guys passionate about hip-hop and being a great artist. I try to get my hands on the greatest hands of production that I can and I continue to do this. For me, I’m always in the Raekwon zone trying to think how I’m bringing the next one to the table.

Speaking of that was there any process that went into the Wild that was different from Fly International Luxurious Art?

Raekwon: When I was making Fly international there was a lot of stars attached to that project. Everybody did their thing and I was fully happy with the outcome. That album was another style of music I was doing at that time. This particular album almost took me like 12 months to get done. It’s a new perspective that I’m coming from. I’m really trying to give people another side, concept of Rae’s music.

Within that time, 12 months, how different is that from delivering like a Cuban Linx or a Wu album?

Raekwon: It’s different because of the changes. I also feel like my pen is growing at a different pace to be more creative and get better. They say you get better as you go along and I think that’s what’s going on with this. I’m challenging myself with different wordplay and concepts, really trying to change the sound according to the times. I think I get better as I get older and go through the music. At times I’m like “Rae, you have to go out there and get fresh music. Not get away from what the fans know you for but show you can go out there and can do it and at a pace where it’s growing.”

When you dropped the artwork on Instagram you made sure that you let people know “ain’t a dam thing change since the beginning of my career”

Raekwon: [Laughs] That’s a fact. Ain’t nothing changed.

How has the fans response been to same ole Rae and the growth in Rae?

Raekwon: It’s been pleasant. You know me, I have to see what people feel from the outside in. I got a strong camp that’s keeping me on my thing and making sure I don’t fall into the pit of being something that I’m not. Then fans, people in the street who hear my music, they are saying great things. That makes me feel good to just go outside and hear people appreciate it. That gives me the strength to go in and keep going. I feel like every time I do an album it’s like going back to proving yourself with your first album. You can only get better according to your beliefs, so every album in my eyes is going to be a classic because that’s the time I’m taking out to make it be that. If you don’t work hard on something you will never see a good result.

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