Civil Interview: Raekwon Talks ‘The Wild,’ Having Longevity in the Game & More

Posted on April 5th, 2017
Staff Editor

When you are a legend like Raekwon you can easily sit back on your respective throne and let the weight of your name carry on your legacy through hip-hop. However, the Chef chose a different route.

Releasing his latest effort, The Wild, last week the heralded Wu-Tang veteran delivered one of the most potent hip-hop bodies of work you can expect in 2017. With Rae, the challenge to continue to create quality albums, especially in what he refers to as a single driven world, is important. Alongside that delivery, what is left to achieve? A reputation.

“Great recognition as one of those artists who takes pride in his work and always remained to be consistent and make great music,” Raekwon shares. “That’s all, just go down as one of the greats. Really live out that legendary platform everybody gave me.”

It shouldn’t even be a question in your mind if The Wild delivered. 16 tracks deep, Raekwon is just as great as he was over 20 years ago and provides that New York City sound that many grew up on. In this Civil Interview, Raekwon discusses what keeps him going back to the booth, the state of NYC, the creation of his latest effort and more. – Shawn Grant


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