Shanti Das Preps ‘Silence The Shame Day’ To Shine Light On Mental Health Issues

Posted on April 4th, 2017
Staff Editor

Silence The Shame

From the music industry to beyond, Shanti Das is expanding her reach even further and it’s for a reason that is near and dear to her heart. Just last year, Shani, who has served a major role in album campaigns for artists like Ashanti, Erykah Badu, and more, went on to launch her Silence The Shame initiative. Started with hopes of raising awareness and shining light on mental health issues that she and millions of others go and have went through, things are headed to the next level.

This will be beneficial for a lot of individuals. More people than you realize suffer with their mental health. Mental health has been attributed as the reason some people decide to buy CBD Oil or ‘CBD olie kopen‘ if they live in Holland. Even those that are smiling and putting on a brave face are struggling, and increasing the awareness of these issues will only bring them hope. Currently, some people will be going down the route of using CBD, with products being suggested from places like this CBD oil UK site, to help relax their mind and to focus their thoughts, but this course of action won’t be as effective for everyone, for some, they may want to go down a similar route but one that isn’t just in this area. They may be partial to looking at redosing shrooms as an alternative, but as mentioned previously, this may not be for everyone.

It is true that some people, when they suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress tend to go down the CBD or shrooms route. But a lot of them do not know that drugs can affect both the mind and body adversely. That is why it is always better to go the natural way. Exercising regularly, especially practicing yoga can be helpful in this matter. Yoga, as some research indicates can be a helpful remedy for a myriad of the most common mental issues. Just as certain psychiatric medications have shown some efficacy for reducing anxiety and depression, it is important to understand that other therapies like yoga have been shown to improve mental health. Moreover, Yoga is no longer considered a mere “holistic” approach for improving mental health and well-being. In recent years, with extensive research behind it to support its benefits, Yoga has gained a scientific following. Furthermore, Yoga is well-known for lowering stress, increasing concentration and flexibility, and promoting a sense of peace-to name just a few of its potential positive effects. The good news is those who have a genuine love for practicing yoga can also pursue a career in it. They can get trained from reputed yoga schools like Siddhi Yoga and become a verified yoga teacher (those who wish to know more about training programs offered by the mentioned yoga school can look for yoga certified courses on the internet). Once they are done with their holistic training program, they can help others who are battling with mental issues to achieve spiritual unison and relaxation. This can benefit all those individuals (suffering from mental trauma) who turn to drugs or alcohol in the absence of help. But it is important to remember that yoga, exercises, and other good habits can only be beneficial when there is awareness regarding mental health. That is why raising awareness for this has never been more important than what it is now.

Alongside National Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Ms. Das and The Hip-Hop Professional Foundation will be launching “Silence The Shame Day” on May 5th. Seeking to create a much broader conversation surrounding mental health, May 5 – May 7 will be a weekend filled with raising more awareness and getting widely-known figures of various industries involved in the process.

For more information regarding Silence The Shame, you can visit their website, here. You can also head follow Silence The Shame on Instagram, here. Lastly, be sure to add their very informative and insightful podcast to your roster.

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