Lil Wayne & Kehlani Hop On ‘Location’ Remix

Posted on March 18th, 2017
Breanna Chi'anne

Lil Wayne and Kehlani gave us their rendition of Khalid’s “Location.”

Even though the song has already been an undeniable hit, it didn’t hurt to hear Tunechi set the mood and Kehlani’s swoons over the smash. Wayne raps:

“I know you ain’t a thottie, you ain’t no basic
I turn your dry spot to an oasis
I kiss the right spots, I know all the places
Oh I lick the right spots, that’s an ultimatum
The loud in rotation, cloud 9, floatation
Let the rose petals spread like rotation”

Meanwhile Lani follows up falling for the affections of her admirer:

“Drop me a pin, let’s fall
Way deeper into whatever we’re callin’ it
Whatever we’re fallin’ into
‘Cause I don’t really care about rules
I don’t really care about rules
I just really care about you
I’m enjoyin’ starin’ into
Your eyes when I’m all in it with you”

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