Civil Interview: Siya Talks Debut Album, ‘Commitment’ EP and More

Posted on March 10th, 2017
Shawn Grant

What is going on in Siya’s world since Season 3 of sisterhood of Hip-Hop wrapped up?

Siya: I’m really focused on the music. I’ve been grinding in the studio. I dropped the album Siya vs. Siya in December and I dropped an EP on Valentine’s Day and now back in the studio working on another album that I will drop in June.

What message did you want to send with Siya vs. Siya?

Siya: I wanted to let people know, for the young kids especially, these youngins coming out of nowhere. I’ve been relevant for 20 years and I will remain relevant for as long as I possibly can. Pretty much to let people know not to count me out. I’m a very versatile artist with a lot to offer.

That shows and it’s a variety of collaborations on that project, how did you pick who you wanted to work with?

Siya: For me, everything is chemistry and energy. Whether it’s for music, a relationship or a friendship. It’s all about vibes for me I don’t care about how poppin you are or not poppin you are. If I connect with you and we can rock out and create some great music together that’s how I get down.

What felt different when creating Siya vs. Siya compared to other projects?

Siya: Siya vs. Siya was my debut album. That was my first time dropping a body of work like that. Everything else has been feeding my fans free music and visuals so I definitely wanted to give them something they could have as a purchase and something they could remember. It was a big deal for me and still is. We charted top 10 in the country, the same day as J.Cole and that’s a blessing.

You followed the album in February with Commitment. What made you come right back with more in a couple of months?

Siya: The whole plan was to drop three projects in less than six months and that’s what I’m doing. As far as Commitment on Valentine’s Day, I really wanted to show my appreciation to my female friends and make them feel special. It’s not a lot of music out there to make women feel good about themselves. A lot of music, I can’t even lie I been a part of it to, it’s just talking about women in a different way so I wanted to give them something that made them feel like queens. At the end of the day without a woman the world wouldn’t be what it is.

How did you approach that project differently because it wasn’t full of hard-hitting bars Siya?

Siya: Lately my creative process has been so different. Many people don’t know that not only do I write my own music but I’m a writer for other people and I mix and master my own music. I literally sit in the booth, come up with a melody and freestyle everything. I haven’t been writing with pen and paper for a while now. It’s pretty crazy.

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