Civil Interview: Siya Talks Debut Album, ‘Commitment’ EP and More

Posted on March 10th, 2017
Shawn Grant

Most artists drop their debut album and let it marinate within the climate of music. Siya isn’t most artists. The young New York veteran is hungry and didn’t only use Siya vs. Siya to be the launch pad for corralling new fans but also as the initiation of a plan to supply a stream of quality releases. The second in the three-peat of pieces was Commitment, a project that Siya dedicated to women’s appreciation.

While keeping things sharp on the mic is important, Siya also recognizes what she needs to do to continue a successful career. Ample planning and consistent delivery is her key, along with understanding there is room for all women in her city and in hip-hop in general. Over the phone, Siya shared with us details on her latest release, her creative process, an upcoming film role and more. – Shawn Grant


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