Civil Scope: Wifisfuneral

Posted on March 1st, 2017
Lupe LLerenas

(Wifi’s latest music video “Hell On Earth,” as he channels the grim energy with the drab scenery; desolate trees with minimal foliage and grass colored blood-red instead of green.)

Where are you from and how has your hometown influenced your career?

Wifisfuneral: I was born in the Bronx, lived there till I was 8 then moved to Florida. So Florida has seen me grow throughout the years. I would have to say that where I’m from didn’t necessary influence my career but more of the mentality of how I see things. Thanks to the city that raised me, I’ve grown up with a go-getter mentality. Growing up in Florida, I was surrounded by people who wanted to do something but didn’t get to do so unlike the younger generation that I’m in now. We go and get it ourselves. We think of what we want to do and go do it on our own.

How did you come up with your name?

Wifisfuneral: The funeral part ties in because it was actually suppose to be a duo group between me and my DJ, DJ Scheme. But I met my DJ through a death situation — his friend had committed suicide when we were 15. And then “wifi” because I just want my music to be worldwide.

When did you start taking music seriously for yourself?

Wifisfuneral: I knew music was the only thing I wanted to do since I was 8 but by the time that I was 14, that’s when I started to take it serious.

Who would you consider as some of your biggest influences?

Wifisfuneral: I would say artists like Kanye West. Kanye has been a big influence to my career. Pharrell, Tyler the Creator, Kurt Cobain, basically a lot of artists who aren’t afraid to be themselves and express their minds. Those are the people that really inspire me.

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