T.I. Pens Open Letter to President Barack Obama: “You Shook Up and Woke Up a Generation”

Posted on January 8th, 2017
Lupe LLerenas

With President Barack Obama’s presidency coming to an end, many people are feeling some type of way, and T.I. recently penned out his feelings in an open letter to Obama, praising his work over the last eight years and elaborating on how Obama impacted him personally.

The letter which was published in The New York Times, is the first in a series of open letters the Atlanta rapper plans to writer over the next year.

“As I reflect, I am filled with gratitude, outrage, grief, anger, humility and appreciation, both for the things you helped bring to light and the many things we still have yet to realize,” T.I. says at the top of his letter to President Obama.

“Not only did you impact a nation, but you defined a culture and you shook up and woke up a generation.”

“We thank you for helping US face and focus on the very issues that plague our communities and diminishes US all. While I, too, responsibly admit to engaging in the behaviors that further perpetuates the negative stigma in our communities, I wanted to thank you for looking beyond our shortcomings,” the letter continues.

The letter also highlights the significance of Obama as the first black president and how that impacted him and the black community. He specifically recalls a conversation with Tupac in which the two discussed the world not being ready for a black president.

The letter goes on to thank Obama and his family for their work and calling on readers to continue in their activism on Obama’s policies and social justice.

“We will forever be grateful to you and your family, the graceful intelligent compassionate first lady, Mrs. Obama, as well as your beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia for their collective sacrifices for US. WE will continue to stand with you and alongside those who make a personal investment in US,” T.I. ended his letter.

“We will continue to remain committed to causes that are bigger than ourselves. We will continue to remind ourselves that, Yes, We still can!”

To read the full letter, head over to The New York Times.

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