Civil Scope: KD Young Cocky

Posted on December 9th, 2016
Staff Editor

How did you get your name?
Me and my friends had started a rap group as kids and we called it “KM.” I called myself King Darrius, because Darrius is my first name it seemed to long so I shortened it up. Later on in my journey my older cousin had invited me to the studio and I got a chance to drop a verse on one of his songs. I wrote my verse quick and I guess I gave an arrogant vibe but a good one because after I was done one of my cousins friends yelled out “shorty cocky” and stating that I murdered the track in no time. That’s how I got “KD Young Cocky”

Where are you from and how did it influence your career?
I’m from Chicago, Englewood. I was always writing but in high school and one of my classmates got killed by a stray bullet. I wrote a song about it and it was played over the intercom. A lot of the situations trigger emotion and I want to challenge that and turn it into positive vibes. My neighborhood, my city and what we go through sometimes is a hard pill to swallow so I want to be myself, tell the truth and use the influence Chicago has gave me to influence the generation after me to do better and make it out cause that’s the goal.

When did you start taking music seriously?
I started taking music serious when I had my daughter. I was 20 years old and I knew I had to really make a change in order to make an income from this. So I surrounded myself around successful and positive minds and got focused.

Who would you consider as some of your biggest influences?
My biggest influences are The Temptations, Michael Jackson, 50 cent, 2 Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly and Kanye West.

What is your creative process when making music?
A lot of times I just like to vibe and freestyle or if I’m working with D. Brooks we cook up from scratch. Once the hook is locked in, it just flows. I like to mix fun and energy in the room when I’m working.

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